I found this image and it's too perfect as my theme for yoga class the other day was centred around how we plough forward in life creating, doing, experiencing and adventuring - sometimes without taking a moment too look over our shoulders and acknowledge just how far we've really come. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL about moving forward. Onwards and upwards! I'm all about being aware of what is AND what was.

A big part of practicing yoga, is the practice of sensitivity. Cultivating the sensitivity to notice and be aware. Perhaps you've experienced this yourself in a yoga class when after Savasana (final relaxation) the teacher may invite you to notice how you feel and to observe the benefits of the practice. 

Yoga is about cultivating the sensitivity to observe the difference of how you feel at the end of your practice and notice how it is different (or the same) compared to the beginning. It's about noticing how you feel from day to day, hour to hour, mOMent to mOMent. What's so marvelous about this wholistic sense of being, is to take it with you off of your mat so that as you move through your day you have the sensitivity to notice when that feeling of fullness + inner peace that you had at yoga class is no longer there and to get curious at to why. 

What moves you from your center? What moves you off your centre? And when you wiggle away from your center, how long does it take for you to get out of your funk and come back hOMe?

Wherever your path leads you, enjoy the journey. And maybe every now and again, take a moment to pause and notice where you've come from, where you stand now, and where the adventure may lead you.


Erica Blitz