Erica shares a variety of workshops that encourage students to explore and uncover intricacies and subtleties within specific areas of their personal practice. To learn about Erica's current offerings, read on.



Perspective Workshop

 An Inversion Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn the anatomy and alignment necessary to harness your strength and set you up for success. We will explore preparatory sequences as well as modifications on how to safely and mindfully approach inversions so that they are fun and freeing instead of fearful. 

We will focus on learning and refining traditional inversions (and some fun variations!) of Headstand (Sirsasana), Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana), Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana), and Forearm Stand (Pinchamayurasana). 



All levels may attend even if you have never done a handstand before; alternatives are always given. Even if you’ve never done a handstand since you were a kid, you will have an expression of these inversions by the end of this session. To see when this workshop is being offered, view our current schedule by clicking below. 

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Workshop

Backbends are some of the most challenging and vulnerable of asanas, and even the more experienced students can feel intimidated by this group of postures: primarily because they mobilize our entire axis of support (the spine) while opening and exposing the heart and the front body.

Within the context of core integration and opening the shoulders and hips, we will:

-explore the fundamental principles (and misconceptions) of safe + strong backbends, in order to skillfully learn the art of releasing and unfurling the spine


-offer key insights to help transform backbends and create greater opening, deepened awareness, understanding and fuller progression into more advanced variations
-explore and experience the philosophical and spiritual aspects of backbend poses
-find confidence, grace and nourishment in your backbends by accessing the sacred power of your heart

To see when this workshop is being offered, view our current schedule by clicking below.

stabilize your center

Stabilize your Center Workshop

awaken from within

We’ve all heard the numerous benefits of having a strong core, but for many of us, we end up strengthening just one small part (the abdominals) of what the core encompasses. Developing strength and awareness within your core sets the stage for greater depth, steadiness, and ease in your practice.

In this workshop, we will investigate the anatomy of the core to understand how to better utilize the power of core muscles - including the breath -  to access inner strength and confidence. With a focus on the physical and subtle components of core body strength and awareness, you will learn how to strengthen and integrate your core in creative, effective, lasting ways. After an exploration of the anatomy of the core and bandhas, we will move into an informed practice that focuses on abdominal skills and drills, inversions, twists and side-bends.


The beauty of understanding the core is that you will leave with knowledge that informs your practice so that you can build your practice in a functional and intelligent way that will help you access a deeper layer of strength that you may not know was there - both on and off the mat. To see when this workshop is being offered, view our current schedule by clicking below.

balanced being

Balanced Being Workshop

stability + tranquility

This will be a fun and challenging class where you will access the power of your breath, mind and body as you move through an inversion practice at the wall. You will weave the fluidity of your breath into the focus of your mind through inversions, strong standing postures, and arm balances before you are guided into a seated practice of forward folds, twists, supine postures, pranayama and mediation. Yogis should expect to work hard, learn a few things and more importantly, feel good and enjoy your practice.

Note: This is an intermediate workshop. It will be expected that students are able to kick up to the wall into Handstand on their own.


To see when this workshop is being offered, view our current schedule by clicking below.

If you are a studio owner/director and would like Erica to offer one of her workshops in your space, please reach out using the form below. We'll get back to you shortly!